Cellphone Data Retrieval


Cell Phone Data Retrieval

It can be quite heartbreaking to drop your phone, break it or kill it accidentally! Especially if you have had it for a long time and had so many precious memories and valuable data. However, you would feel very distraught and panic about losing all your phone’s data. Such data could include your child’s video of taking first steps, your wedding day pictures, pictures of your old pet, or it could also be important files and documents. Whatever the data, you might be very eager to retrieve it back.

The most common misconception is that if you lose, break, or kill your phone, you lose everything on it, including your conversations and contacts. Well, we are going to prove this wrong to you, and while we are at it, we’ll even show you a few tips and tricks on how to recover your pictures and files on both IOS and Android phones. So let’s get started.

How to Recover Pictures?

Who doesn’t know about the iCloud and Google backup these days? If you own a smartphone, more often than not, your pictures and videos are continuously being backed up on your phone for your convenience.

For IOS Users

In Apple phones, all your pictures and videos are backed up by an iCloud account. To recover, you need to launch iTunes on your PC, log in to your iCloud account and save back your memories from there!

For Android Users

If you are an android user, one thing you might want to make sure is that Google Photos is set as your default photo gallery app. This will automatically save all the pictures and videos you take on your phone to Google photos. To access the photos and videos, sign in to your Google account from a PC or desktop, and there you go! Google’s vast AI capabilities allow you to search through photos for specific keywords (cars, cats, flowers, etc.), or dates/years, and even people to find the one(s) you’re looking for.

How To Recover Conversations?

Nowadays, Whats-app is the most common medium of quick and instant messaging. If you have turned on the chat backup option in your Whats-app settings, it will back up all the data within the time interval you’ve chosen for the backup, i.e., daily, weekly, monthly.

For SMS or texts, if you are lucky, you can get it back if your smartphone’s backup setting was turned on before your phone lost it!

For IOS Users

To recover conversations and data for your Whats-app account, you need to create a new Whats-app account on another phone, verify your phone number, and Whats-app will ask you whether you want to continue by recovering backed up data on the new account and by doing so, you can recover all the chats and media!

To recover text messages or iMessages on your lost or broken, or dead cell phone, you need to sign in to Itunes on a PC and retrieve data by logging in to your iCloud account.

For Android Users

To recover your WhatsApp data, you need to create a new account on the same old cell number, verify, and choose to recover.To retrieve text messages back, you will have to sign in to your Google account on another device. The Google account will ask you whether you want to restore the backup data; doing so will get back all the text messages and conversations

How to Recover Contacts?

Besides the other data such as photos, videos, and conversations, contacts are no less important! Losing all of your contacts can be a very stressful situation as you need all of your contacts to connect with your friends, family, and other day-to-day businesses. Like how you would recover your photos, all your contacts can be backed up to a cloud service.

For IOS Users

To recover your iPhone contacts, you need to sign in to your Apple ID on iCloud.com, go to the settings, head over to the advanced section, and click restore contacts. A list of previously made archives will pop up. Find the date of an archive that should still have your contacts list intact and click restore. Click ‘restore’ again to confirm and begin the restoration process. After that, an e-mail will be sent to the address tied to your Apple ID.

For Android Users

When you set up an Android phone, you need to sign in to a Google account. If you accepted the necessary permissions, your contacts would also be backed up by the same Google account.

Wrapping Up

See? We told you that a lost, damaged, broken, or dead phone is not the end of the world! With the above cellphone data retrieval tips, you can still recover the data that means the most to you and stay connected! Have any questions, or have suggestions? Simply drop them in the comments below!

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