Wiretaps and Bug Sweeps

Wiretaps and Bug Sweeps in Tampa & Miami, FL

Wiretaps and Bug Sweeps in Tampa & Miami, FL

If you think you are being followed, we can help

Concerned someone is stalking, listening, or watching you? In today's world, there are many reasons for concern. Our enemies are not always visible; they often lay in wait in the shadows or underneath a cloak of anonymity, using cryptic alias' and phantom email addresses, spoof phone numbers and texts. Technology has advanced with superior capabilities to monitor one's activities almost completely. Our cell phones, personal computers, vehicles, businesses, and even our homes are not exempt or as protected as we'd like to think.

Now more than ever, we must be aware and concerned about potential threats to our personal privacy. Fortunately, Advantage Unlimited Investigations, Inc. has years of experience in counter-surveillance and investigations. We have the experience and tools to identify hidden cameras and listening recording devices, including video and voice recorders. We also specialize in locating GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices and determining if phones and computers have been corrupted. We can conduct comprehensive Wiretap and Bug Sweeps to confirm if anyone is listening or watching your personal life or business activities.

We're based in Tampa and Miami, FL, and provide services nationwide. Call our Tampa office at 813-766-9545 or our Miami office at 305-680-0458 today for more information.