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If your spouse or partner is cheating, rely on us to help you collect evidence.

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Win back the time you deserve with your child

Background Checks

Make sure you're not hiring the wrong person for your company

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We investigate anything from Insurance Fraud to Witness Location

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Are you wondering if your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? Is your child safe in your co-parent's care? Do you have a prospective new employee or business partner with a criminal record? Advantage Unlimited Investigations Inc. can find the "Truth" so you are not kept in the dark or at risk for personal or emotional harm. We offer confidential private investigation services throughout Florida, Tampa Bay and Miami, FL. We will bring you peace of mind to move forward in whatever area of business or personal life that you need.

Why should you hire a private investigator?

With over 30 years of professional private investigation services, we at Advantage Unlimited Investigations have provided clients with trusted services throughout the State of Florida and abroad.

Our experience with investigations and legal consulting are unmatched. Our founder, MJ Martinez, is a former Federal and State investigator. Our staff is highly trained and sophisticated using both male and female agents, as well as bilingual operatives to achieve whatever investigation results that are legally necessary. Advantage Unlimited Investigations Inc gets "Results" with the reassurance that every stone was upturned when your case is completed.

We are "Private," which is the operative word in private investigations. All information is strictly confidential and only you, your attorney, or a designated representative will have access to your information.

We are reliable, bonded and licensed. We have conducted thousands of investigations including divorce, child custody, insurance fraud, trademark infringement, background checks, corporate and business cases. 100% satisfaction is our goal. You will be kept informed of case progress in a timely manner and we will work diligently to keep your trust in our efforts.