Bodyguard Services in Tampa & Miami, FL

Is Your Ex Harassing You? Are You A Celebrity? Government Official With Enemies?

Whether you need armed or unarmed protection, we are at your service. We offer a variety of bodyguard packages, featuring secure limousine transportation, 24/7 surveillance and random-service monitoring. All of our bodyguard protection agents are certified and trained in First Aid and CPR. Our agents receive ongoing training in security protection, helping ensure the highest level of service in bodyguard services in Tampa, FL and Miami, FL. Call our Tampa office at 813-766-9545 or our Miami office at 305-680-0458.

Rest assured, we will treat you with dignity and respect, while offering you the protection and peace of mind you deserve. We are proactive in our efforts to provide the best bodyguard services available to our clients. Our agents will present a professional image at all times, whether in plain or formal clothing (of course, the choice is yours).


How Can We Help You?

Our bodyguard packages include the following options and more:

  • Executive Transportation- Airport, Embassy, VIP, Corporate, Wedding, Guided & Private Tours, Business Meetings, Chartered Trips, and Shuttle Services
  • Executive Security Services- Royal Families, Dignitaries, Diplomats, Event Security, Jewelry Escorts, Package Delivery, Executive Protection
  • Physical Security and Protective Services- Roving Protection Agents/ Officers, Homeowners Associations (HOA) Patrolling, Building or Construction Sites, Jewelry Stores, and Custom Security Assignments

We’re based in Tampa and Miami, FL, and provide services nationwide. Call us today for more information.

Here’s How Our Executive Protection and Security Services Can Help You Out

Executive Protection and security refer to risk management and security measures taken to prevent the exposure of employees or other people who may be susceptible to high personal risk due to their occupation, high profile status, geographical area or membership in a particular social group. For example, a senior executive may be in a high position within a company with many employees working under him. In such a scenario, it would be very difficult for the employee to protect his or her own interests from corporate politics or the whims of subordinates. However, if the senior executive has access to the right information and the resources, then he or she can reduce the risk of getting into a compromising situation and increase the chances of success in a career by using our executive protection and security.

Providing Protection to Hi-Profile Individuals

The executive protection and security services we offer are primarily concerned with the protection of VIPs, high profile public figures, political figures, and other prominent people. They cover a wide range of sectors that include law, finance, education, engineering, media, hospitality and healthcare. The protection of such people ensures that they are able to carry out their responsibilities and carry on with their jobs without facing any adverse consequences, regardless of the nature of their profession, social profile or geographical area.

What is Executive Protection and security

Executive Protection and Security can be broadly classified into two types; firstly, it is the preventive security measure, which involves ensuring that VIPs are adequately protected from external threats. This type of protection is essential for protecting VIPs in situations when they become vulnerable to danger and to prevent them from being targeted by the enemies of the state, the enemies of the economy or any other enemies. Secondly, Executive Protection and Security are the reactive security measure that aims to protect VIPs in case they are exposed to any threat. In the first category, an executive protection service acts as a protection shield for a VIP or a high profile person, while the second category requires the VIP to carry out an act to counter the threat.