Are Your Employees a Right Fit?


Running a restaurant or bar can be a dream for some and nightmare for others. Achieving success in business is never through hard effort or luck but rather through a careful and detailed business plan which outlines all of the important factors including one of the most important having dedicated, honest and dependable employees.
Many potential startup businesses and major franchise operations have been doomed by staff that have undermined the business by performing below expectations, stealing or giving away products and services and even misappropriating cash profits from sales and tips.



Advantage Unlimited Investigations investigators have conducted covert investigations inside restaurants and bars to determine if your staff if working toward the goals created by your business plan. We can identify threats or potential weakness or areas where profits are being squandered to worse stolen from your business dream.
Whether you’re a startup or a long-term business we can conduct an expert consultation and determine the best plan to keep your business and track provide the most productive solutions your operation. Don’t be a victim or let your business suffer we will get the truth and make your business the success it should be. Call our Tampa office at 813-766-9545 or our Miami office at 305-680-0458.

Worried Your Restaurant Might Have Issues? We’ll Help You Find Out

Many people do not know that there are many ways that private investigations can help a restaurant run more smoothly. The truth is that the restaurant industry can be a tricky business, and even with a good operation, some problems can be very hard to handle. When people find out that they are going to be working in the kitchen, there is always a lot of fear in their minds. If you work in the industry, you know that you have to deal with it every day. The thing is, a restaurant owner doesn’t want to deal with his employees, so it is best that you turn over these issues to an outside investigation firm like Advantage Unlimited Investigations Inc. With this new business model, restaurants can now get the assistance that they need without having to deal with their own employees, but instead they can hire us to run a restaurant investigation to find out if there are any potential problems with the food and service.

Conducting a Thorough Restaurant Inspection

Another place where our private investigators can help is in the area of public relations. You may think that public relations for a restaurant is pretty much just getting everyone in front of the camera and talking about how great the restaurant is and how great the food is. The reality is that the best way to advertise a restaurant is with word of mouth. People who come into your restaurant will tell their friends about it, and this is what makes advertising a restaurant so important. The more people you get to hear about your restaurant, the more customers you are likely to have. So when you hire our investigator to find out through a Restaurant Inspection if there are any problems, they can go out and do a walk-through of your establishment to get a general feel for what it is like. This way, they can let the restaurant know that they are looking for ways to improve the image of the restaurant in the minds of the public.

Making Everything Wrong In Your Restaurant Right

There are other ways that our investigator can help your restaurant. Many times people have problems with the management of the restaurant, and they want to get rid of it. However, this is difficult to do because the management is usually responsible for so many things at the restaurant. They may also be responsible for everything that happens within the restaurant because they have the power of making all the decisions. This is why finding an investigator is such a good idea because they can take care of almost anything that goes wrong at the restaurant.