Infidelity Surveillance

Never Attempt to Tail Your Spouse. Hire an Infidelity Investigator.

Never Attempt to Tail Your Spouse. Hire an Infidelity Investigator.

We conduct inconspicuous investigations in Tampa and Miami, FL

Maybe you have a hunch that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you. An infidelity investigator can tell you what's really going on.

Advantage Unlimited Investigations Inc. conducts infidelity surveillance in Tampa and Miami, FL, as well as abroad. Our lead private investigator has over 30 years of experience and has worked with numerous government agencies, including the FBI.

You can count on us to be discrete and thorough. Call our Tampa office at 813-766-9545 or our Miami office at 305-680-0458.

What we'll look for

We use video surveillance, vehicle tracking and other advanced infidelity surveillance methods to find evidence of cheating. Your dedicated infidelity investigator can...

  • Track your partner's vehicle to find out where he or she is spending so much time
  • Search your partner's assets to see if your partner is actually working overtime or has opened a new bank account
  • Monitor your partner's internet activity to determine if your partner has created new email accounts

Each case is different, so we'll tailor our approach to uncover the truth. Contact us today to hire an infidelity investigator in Tampa or Miami, FL.