Florida Alimony Reform

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Florida Alimony laws have been a point of contention in divorce and family law for years. Permanent or potentially punitive court orders can have a devastating impact on your future from both sides of the arena. Florida recently reformed alimony laws were amended in 2018 and another potential change may occur in 2020. Issues related to permanent alimony, partial alimony, and temporary alimony or spousal support are all in play at the time of a divorce in a lengthy marriage.
As licensed private investigators we can determine and identify crucial legal evidence related to relevant issues like co-habitation by the ex-spouse, income and employment, withholding or hiding of income or assets, and current lifestyle and spending habits. These along with other factors can be very critical when determining a future judgement for alimony or a post modification of an existing order.



Advantage Unlimited Investigations Inc., Tampa and Miami private investigators can work along with your attorney or we have a network of skilled family divorce attorneys to develop the best possible strategy for your divorce case. We will find the truth and obtain the evidence you need to gain the best possible results and bring successful resolution to the potential damaging long-term effects of these court decisions. Call our Tampa office at 813-766-9545 or our Miami office at 305-680-0458.