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We perform background checks in Tampa & Miami, FL

Whether you’re considering a candidate for your company or simply need information on someone, turn to Advantage Unlimited Investigations Inc. for help. We provide background checks for individuals and businesses in Tampa & Miami, FL.

When you need to know if you can trust someone, due diligence is essential. Let us help with your background screening process. Call our Tampa office at 813-766-9545 or our Miami office at 305-680-0458 today for a free consultation.



Advantage Unlimited Investigations performs thorough background checks in Tampa and Miami, FL. You can trust us to uncover all the information needed in order to make a wise decision.

Our background checks cover:

  • Criminal and civil records
  • Financial information
  • Credit scores
  • Employment
  • Due Diligence
  • Social Media

Contact us right away to set up a level 1 background screening.