"I am enmeshed in a volatile, ongoing situation raising very specific security concerns. I need to be able to trust-and expect confidentiality from-any protective service I hire. Last Saturday, I reached out to four different security firms to inquire about hiring a security detail at the last minute for a Sunday evening public event I was hosting. Among those I reached out to, Advantage Unlimited stood out.

Mr. M.J. Martinez himself was immediately accessible, despite the fact that I had called on a weekend afternoon. He was attentive in working to understand the intricacies of my unique security needs. He took immediate action to find an agent who was qualified and available despite the short notice. Further, the agent he dispatched to me-Mr. Sean Warrington-was, if anything, overqualified for my request. Mr. Warrington was punctual, professional, courteous, friendly, and accommodating. His resumé exceeded my expectations. In his presence I felt a sense of safety and calm which, frankly, I have not had the luxury of experiencing since my security concerns arose. For a reasonable price, my needs were fully met and I was able to enjoy a fun, relaxing evening. I would highly recommend Advantage Unlimited to my family and friends."

- Alexandria B.

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