Divorce Private Investigator

Divorce Private Investigator – How Can They Help?

Divorce private Investigators

Going through a divorce is a quite stressful, upsetting, and challenging experience for both parties, and it’s a lot more messy and hard if children and other family members are involved. While the whole process can be mentally and financially draining, one of the factors that stretches a divorce over an extended period of time is the untangling of business and emotions. As a result, both parties struggle to set their emotions aside and reach a settlement. Regardless of whose fault it is, it’s the case of disagreements over the events that caused or contributed to the divorce and the practicalities of separating liabilities and assets. While these events cause difficulty for the couple, they are sometimes worsened by not addressing the problems correctly. When the fact can mean that one of the parties has to pay a considerable sum of money or surrender the children’s custody, it is no surprise that divorce proceedings are wrought with misinterpretations and fabrications.

Fortunately, there are ways of fixing such challenges at once, which means that the proper and honest divorce settlement is at the couple’s fingertips, no matter how bitter the initial proceedings might be. Divorce Private Investigator, also known as private detectives or inquiry agents in some jurisdictions – can be hired to set the record straight.

What Does A Divorce Investigator Do?

Divorce investigators are highly-trained professionals who seek, analyze, and verify information regarding the divorce case, utilizing various expert methods, including surveillance, fact-finding, interrogation, and local sources of information. If your spouse had cheated on you in the past, it is good to seek outside perspective to get you out of the mess. Also, there are certain cases where divorce proceedings need to be sealed; for instance, one party has committed felony or fraud, and the other party does not want this fact to be known. A private divorce investigator can help you understand the situation better and make you proceed with the decision.

Some of the jobs of a divorce investigators include:

Collecting Proofs Of Allegations Or Infidelity

As part of the divorce procedure, each party much disclose the faults along with the proofs of the allegations. A fault divorce is the one whereby the blame for the divorce is assigned due to one of the party’s actions or in-actions. The allegation of cruelty (inflicting emotional or physical pain) is the most common ground for traditional faults. At the same time, others include; adultery, imprisonment, desertion, and sexual dysfunction that was not disclosed before marriage. The evidence you present against your partner needs to be legally obtained and usable within the court’s laws. Illegally gathered evidence can worsen your case. This is where you need a divorce investigator. Hiring a Private Investigator to help uncover the truth within a tangled web of “he said” vs “she said” can go a long way in terms of helping to bring a divorce settlement to a close.

Child Support & Custody

Custody and support payments can be sensitive and tend to bring out the worst in people. It is possible that one party deliberately tries to hide a portion of their income to achieve the lower support payment. Divorce investigators can help determine the actual value of a business or personal income to give the most accurate financial picture possible to ensure your children are looked after. Suppose one of the parents is involved in drugs, abuse, or any dangerous behavior; in that case, the investigator will investigate and add that information in the child custody hearing file to create the most accurate description of the parent for the custody hearing.

Assets Searching

It is rarely seen that assets are divided in a manner that both the parties are in agreement. When it comes to money and property, each party wants what they feel entitled to, stimulating heated arguments over the outstanding mortgage or car payments, ownership of the vacation house, division of inheritances, and so on. In such cases, a divorce investigator is brought in to perform an asset search to disclose or verify financial information through records and other sources.


With divorce rates on the increase worldwide, couples continue to face a whole host of difficulties when choosing to terminate their marriage. The good news is that hiring a private divorce investigator is one way of reducing the stress and chaos caused by divorce. Because it means that all parties – spouses and their legal teams – can enter into the proceedings with more accurate information. From discovering hidden assets to gathering evidence of infidelity, divorce investigators bring to light difficult or unknown issues in a way that few other professionals can. If you are going through a nasty divorce and need help regarding investigation or allegations, we are with you. Our professionals at Advantage Unlimited Investigations Inc. will help you out and help you make the best decision regarding the settlement.