GPS Vehicle Tracking services


Global Positioning System (GPS) is undoubtedly one of the most convenient inventions of the 21st century. Whether you have lost your way somewhere around the highway, or need to track down a person or an object; GPS never fails to show its wonders. More than half of Americans use GPS tracking for different purposes. Basically, a GPS tracker is a portable device widely used for locating positions, preventing thefts, law enforcement tracking, fleet tracking, and investigation purposes.


GPS tracking is a process at the heart of any vehicle tracking system. Vehicle tracking or GPS tracking is a technology widely used by fleet managers or vehicle owners of all kinds to track their cars and trucks. Its main purpose is to track the location of the vehicle it is installed in. The number of stolen cars each year in America is staggeringly high, and considering the increasing numbers, a car alarm is simply not enough. Every vehicle owner needs to consider the dangers of car theft; otherwise, they could be the next victim anytime, anywhere. Car thefts have been reported when the people were at the groceries, movies or sound asleep at home. Therefore, vehicles need to have the right type of security system. Besides safety purposes, GPS vehicle tracking is also widely used by fleet owners to track their mobile assets for efficiency and cost-saving purposes.

How Does It Work?

GPS Vehicle Tracking device is installed into the vehicle to collect all sorts of information, including speed, time and diagnostics. The tracker device then uses a network of satellites to determine the location of the car or truck it is installed in.  It does this by using a mathematical process called trilateration to determine its physical location based on its distance from three GPS satellites. The information gathered from the vehicle is then stored on the tracking device.

However, as much as powerful this technology is, it is not that expensive and does not take a lot of space of your vehicle. In fact, it is merely a system that can be run on your phone, so it certainly can be run on a device placed in your vehicle. GPS vehicle tracking devices today are very small and unnoticeable. It can be quickly and very easily installed in your vehicle.

Who Uses GPS Vehicle Tracking?

From our smartphones to ships to aircraft, GPS tracking is virtually everywhere. The main purpose of the device being able to locate and report the location of the vehicle; there are multiple scenarios where it can be very helpful. For instance; your car is stolen, but you had a GPS tracker installed so it won’t be very hard for police to track down your car. You may install the GPS vehicle tracking for several other personal uses as well. For instance; to keep track of where and how your teenage child drives your car, to keep a check on infidelity, or to let your family know your whereabouts for safety purposes. GPS tracking simply provides you peace of mind and alerts you whenever there’s some spontaneous activity with your vehicle.

Many businesses also benefit from the use of such devices as it is now a big part of modern fleet tracking systems. Fleet managers can easily keep track of the location and activities of the fleet drivers to ensure safety and efficiency. It is quite helpful for salespeople, agents and for anyone who employs drivers for their companies. GPS tracking provides businesses with the potential to improve customer service as it is easy to give the accurate estimated time of delivery to the customer with the help of a location tracker.

What’s Next?

The uses and benefits of a GPS vehicle tracking system are numerous. If you are a business owner, a personal driver or simply someone who drives around the town; you would want to consider using this system. Now more than ever, accountability is required by everyone. So, be smart, be safe! The cost of the GPS units is minimal compared to the risks that are out in the world today. If you are looking for the GPS vehicle tracking services, contact Advantage Unlimited Investigations. We can assist with the installation of GPS Tracker for your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle and provide all the necessary information that you may need.

bug sweeping,


The fine art of sweeping for bugs is becoming an increasing necessity in an age of readily used technology, ripe for misuse and deception. The levels of industrial and economic espionage are on the rise with the readily available equipment and devices such as electronic bugs, listening devices, hidden cameras, Cellular interception, Bluetooth interception, laser microphones, burst transmitters, and other similar eavesdropping devices. Bugs are now smarter, cheaper and easier to purchase than ever before.

By utilizing the skills of mechanical and electrical engineers, all bugging devices can be tracked in an ultra-efficient manner. Regardless of the type of job, building or circumstances, you’ll feel confident in the hands of the expert bug detectors.

Why Use a Professional Bug Sweeping Services?

Bug devices are not just something you see in the crime shows; they do exist in real! In today’s highly competitive market, competitors, foreign states, criminals, and even disgruntled employees will go to any length to retrieve information about your organization. Many advanced companies are now taking practical measures to prevent their valuable intellectual property slipping into the hands of their enemies and are having their premises swept for bugs regularly. The first step to counter the threat of privacy invasion of data leakage is bug sweeping. You must ensure that your home or office areas are not being bugged, and if you have any doubt at all, bug sweeping is the answer.

Unfortunately, planting a bugging device is relatively easy; you don’t need to be an expert to do it. There could be moles around you, or any employee could plant bugs in your office for their own gains or on someone else’s behalf. This naturally poses a risk to your business and provides you with a degree of paranoia and uncertainty, especially when discussions of a confidential or classified nature arise.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

The benefits of an electronic bug sweep far outweigh the potential consequences of having data leaked or stolen. It is a simple analysis of cost/benefit that all businesses should fully consider in the review of their annual operations. Most companies will spend more annually employing one security guard to greet customers than they would protect against industrial espionage. Companies have come to realize the reasonable costs required to perform regular bug detection to protect company assets are tiny when compared to the potential damages, both economic and reputational, that could arise from inadequate security protocols. If you have any suspicions about having bug devices at your premises, consider electronic bug detection and sweep services offered by professional teams such as Advantage Unlimited Investigations; they are crucial in confirming or denying any suspicions aroused by the presence of bugs.

Missing Children Investigations


You must be wondering, “why would a person contact private investigation firms to find their missing or abducted child when there are law enforcement agencies available?” Firstly, you must understand that the enforcement agency’s functions are categorized on certain levels of priority. Several factors, including age, risk factors, mental health factors, circumstances surrounding the event, need to be considered so you can not control that the law enforcement agency prioritizes your missing child. Also, you have to let 24 hours pass after the kid has gone missing then you can file a report. Law enforcement officers simply do not have all the resources to be everywhere and follow every lead.

When it comes to a missing child or adult case, the timely resolution is quite crucial. The lost child or an adult needs to be tracked down as soon as possible to minimize the risk of harm they may come into. Luckily, there are private investigators to get this job done cautiously.  A private investigator you will hire is solely going to work as your advocate to resolve your issue. They don’t work for the government or anyone and have all the tools, experience, and resources needed to get you the answers you need.

Techniques Used By Private Investigators To Locate A Missing Child

The number of private investigators’ techniques to track down a missing child or an adult are mentioned below.

  • Private investigators run background checks and question the witnesses. They can turn to others to isolate likely suspects or likely aid sources in finding a missing person.
  • Since the same laws as police do not limit the private investigators, they can enter virtually any place they suspect a criminal is hiding. They are experts at locating fleeing criminals and debtors.
  • They run physical searches by land, air, and sea. They use a number of vehicles to search the areas even where an average person has no access.
  • Private investigators network with other detectives or pay the informants. They always have extensive networks of people they can recruit to help them in a search.
  • Through surveillance and videotaping, the private investigators observe places where the missing child or an adult is likely to be, or they can also track the suspect.
  • The private investigators search all across the city, including the hospitals and mortuaries. They search through several facilities where the victim might be.

Having your child or a loved one go missing is undoubtedly a terrifying and heartbreaking situation to experience. You would want to do everything in your power to locate them. However, it is always a wise decision to first report the missing person to the law enforcement agency and then hire the private investigator; doing so will double down the efforts so that you can find your child as soon as possible. The sad fact is that the police will not stick to the task forever, and once the trail goes cold, they may move on to other cases. But the good news is that the private investigators do not abandon you. They try their level best to unite you with your missing child or get you the closure you need.

If your child is missing or has been abducted, you need to immediately contact a missing children investigation firm. That is why we at Unlimited Investigations Inc. are available 24/7 to assist you. No matter what hour of the day, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are ever ready to help you.

South Florida Private Investigator


Whenever you hear or read the word “private investigator,” does it remind you of Sherlock Holmes, Jessica Jones, or Magnum P.I? We have associated the private investigators or detectives to movies only that is why the value of real-life private investigators is often overlooked. Honesty and loyalty have become a luxury in this world. With all the evils around us, such as cheating, fraud, scam, corruption, and dishonesty, trusting someone without any assurance could be quite risky and can even cost a life. Be it professional life or personal life, you shouldn’t be trusting someone blindly, especially the ones you don’t know much about. The more you know about the person, the better it is for your business and relationship. In order to cut back on the risk of any disruptive act by the people scheming against us, private investigation services are useful. The private investigators have the exceptional wit and professional expertise to find out about any unlawful act or conspiracy being plotted against you.

Here are the five valuable benefits of hiring a private investigator.

Detailed Investigation With Expert Techniques

The private investigators have the eye and the expertise to carry out a thorough investigation. They have sources and information that is not accessible to common people. These sources have specialized databases that have information that is hidden from the public eye but can be accessed by professional private investigators.

Background Checks & History

Before you make a business deal or form some kind of partnership with another company, you must get the background checks run and investigate that company’s history. Private investigation helps you ensure that the other company has a clean record and favorable history that is mandatory to lead towards a hassle-free business association and partnership. The assurance of being in partnership with a reputable organization can relieve your company from the risks and threats being involved.

Uncover The Actual Truth

Whether you are dealing with a personal matter, professional matter, or a business-related task, it is recommended to be cautious of any risk involved. Suppose you have the support of a private investigator; in that case, their ability to derive the most accurate conclusions from the extensive knowledge is a great way to protect your prospects from any bad influence or any disruption.

Seamless Fraud & Embezzlement Investigation

The risks and threats of fraud and embezzlement are always there, and you could be unaware of an unreliable or evil enemy scheming or plotting against you. Such an element can cause disruption, and it may cause a huge financial loss as well. Any such inconvenience can be avoided with the help of a vigil approach and a private investigator’s guidance. They can get the perpetrator traced for compensation and further legal intervention.

Aid In Finding Missing People

The sudden and questionable disappearance of a child or a loved one needs a quick intervention of a professional private investigator. They can help find the missing person quickly with the help of expert techniques, gathering clues, and talking to the witnesses.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, private investigation is a wise, fast, and reliable approach to uncover facts and truth. If you are looking for exceptional investigation services, Advantage Unlimited Investigations Inc. is a perfect choice for a South Florida private investigator firm. Our excellent knowledge and ability have earned us a formidable reputation as the most reliable private investigators. Get in touch with our professionals and relieve yourself of any legal hassle and situation.

Cell Phone Data Retrieval


It can be quite heartbreaking to drop your phone, break it or kill it accidentally! Especially if you have had it for a long time and had so many precious memories and valuable data. However, you would feel very distraught and panic about losing all your phone’s data. Such data could include your child’s video of taking first steps, your wedding day pictures, pictures of your old pet, or it could also be important files and documents. Whatever the data, you might be very eager to retrieve it back.

The most common misconception is that if you lose, break, or kill your phone, you lose everything on it, including your conversations and contacts. Well, we are going to prove this wrong to you, and while we are at it, we’ll even show you a few tips and tricks on how to recover your pictures and files on both IOS and Android phones. So let’s get started.

How to Recover Pictures?

Who doesn’t know about the iCloud and Google backup these days? If you own a smartphone, more often than not, your pictures and videos are continuously being backed up on your phone for your convenience.

For IOS Users

In Apple phones, all your pictures and videos are backed up by an iCloud account. To recover, you need to launch iTunes on your PC, log in to your iCloud account and save back your memories from there!

For Android Users

If you are an android user, one thing you might want to make sure is that Google Photos is set as your default photo gallery app. This will automatically save all the pictures and videos you take on your phone to Google photos. To access the photos and videos, sign in to your Google account from a PC or desktop, and there you go! Google’s vast AI capabilities allow you to search through photos for specific keywords (cars, cats, flowers, etc.), or dates/years, and even people to find the one(s) you’re looking for.

How To Recover Conversations?

Nowadays, Whats-app is the most common medium of quick and instant messaging. If you have turned on the chat backup option in your Whats-app settings, it will back up all the data within the time interval you’ve chosen for the backup, i.e., daily, weekly, monthly.

For SMS or texts, if you are lucky, you can get it back if your smartphone’s backup setting was turned on before your phone lost it!

For IOS Users

To recover conversations and data for your Whats-app account, you need to create a new Whats-app account on another phone, verify your phone number, and Whats-app will ask you whether you want to continue by recovering backed up data on the new account and by doing so, you can recover all the chats and media!

To recover text messages or iMessages on your lost or broken, or dead cell phone, you need to sign in to Itunes on a PC and retrieve data by logging in to your iCloud account.

For Android Users

To recover your WhatsApp data, you need to create a new account on the same old cell number, verify, and choose to recover.To retrieve text messages back, you will have to sign in to your Google account on another device. The Google account will ask you whether you want to restore the backup data; doing so will get back all the text messages and conversations

How to Recover Contacts?

Besides the other data such as photos, videos, and conversations, contacts are no less important! Losing all of your contacts can be a very stressful situation as you need all of your contacts to connect with your friends, family, and other day-to-day businesses. Like how you would recover your photos, all your contacts can be backed up to a cloud service.

For IOS Users

To recover your iPhone contacts, you need to sign in to your Apple ID on, go to the settings, head over to the advanced section, and click restore contacts. A list of previously made archives will pop up. Find the date of an archive that should still have your contacts list intact and click restore. Click ‘restore’ again to confirm and begin the restoration process. After that, an e-mail will be sent to the address tied to your Apple ID.

For Android Users

When you set up an Android phone, you need to sign in to a Google account. If you accepted the necessary permissions, your contacts would also be backed up by the same Google account.

Wrapping Up

See? We told you that a lost, damaged, broken, or dead phone is not the end of the world! With the above cellphone data retrieval tips, you can still recover the data that means the most to you and stay connected! Have any questions, or have suggestions? Simply drop them in the comments below!

Divorce private Investigators

Divorce Private Investigator – How Can They Help?

Going through a divorce is a quite stressful, upsetting, and challenging experience for both parties, and it’s a lot more messy and hard if children and other family members are involved. While the whole process can be mentally and financially draining, one of the factors that stretches a divorce over an extended period of time is the untangling of business and emotions. As a result, both parties struggle to set their emotions aside and reach a settlement. Regardless of whose fault it is, it’s the case of disagreements over the events that caused or contributed to the divorce and the practicalities of separating liabilities and assets. While these events cause difficulty for the couple, they are sometimes worsened by not addressing the problems correctly. When the fact can mean that one of the parties has to pay a considerable sum of money or surrender the children’s custody, it is no surprise that divorce proceedings are wrought with misinterpretations and fabrications.

Fortunately, there are ways of fixing such challenges at once, which means that the proper and honest divorce settlement is at the couple’s fingertips, no matter how bitter the initial proceedings might be. Divorce Private Investigator, also known as private detectives or inquiry agents in some jurisdictions – can be hired to set the record straight.

What Does A Divorce Investigator Do?

Divorce investigators are highly-trained professionals who seek, analyze, and verify information regarding the divorce case, utilizing various expert methods, including surveillance, fact-finding, interrogation, and local sources of information. If your spouse had cheated on you in the past, it is good to seek outside perspective to get you out of the mess. Also, there are certain cases where divorce proceedings need to be sealed; for instance, one party has committed felony or fraud, and the other party does not want this fact to be known. A private divorce investigator can help you understand the situation better and make you proceed with the decision.

Some of the jobs of a divorce investigators include:

Collecting Proofs Of Allegations Or Infidelity

As part of the divorce procedure, each party much disclose the faults along with the proofs of the allegations. A fault divorce is the one whereby the blame for the divorce is assigned due to one of the party’s actions or in-actions. The allegation of cruelty (inflicting emotional or physical pain) is the most common ground for traditional faults. At the same time, others include; adultery, imprisonment, desertion, and sexual dysfunction that was not disclosed before marriage. The evidence you present against your partner needs to be legally obtained and usable within the court’s laws. Illegally gathered evidence can worsen your case. This is where you need a divorce investigator. Hiring a Private Investigator to help uncover the truth within a tangled web of “he said” vs “she said” can go a long way in terms of helping to bring a divorce settlement to a close.

Child Support & Custody

Custody and support payments can be sensitive and tend to bring out the worst in people. It is possible that one party deliberately tries to hide a portion of their income to achieve the lower support payment. Divorce investigators can help determine the actual value of a business or personal income to give the most accurate financial picture possible to ensure your children are looked after. Suppose one of the parents is involved in drugs, abuse, or any dangerous behavior; in that case, the investigator will investigate and add that information in the child custody hearing file to create the most accurate description of the parent for the custody hearing.

Assets Searching

It is rarely seen that assets are divided in a manner that both the parties are in agreement. When it comes to money and property, each party wants what they feel entitled to, stimulating heated arguments over the outstanding mortgage or car payments, ownership of the vacation house, division of inheritances, and so on. In such cases, a divorce investigator is brought in to perform an asset search to disclose or verify financial information through records and other sources.


With divorce rates on the increase worldwide, couples continue to face a whole host of difficulties when choosing to terminate their marriage. The good news is that hiring a private divorce investigator is one way of reducing the stress and chaos caused by divorce. Because it means that all parties – spouses and their legal teams – can enter into the proceedings with more accurate information. From discovering hidden assets to gathering evidence of infidelity, divorce investigators bring to light difficult or unknown issues in a way that few other professionals can. If you are going through a nasty divorce and need help regarding investigation or allegations, we are with you. Our professionals at Advantage Unlimited Investigations Inc. will help you out and help you make the best decision regarding the settlement.